Re elect Mike Wiollett Dane County Supervisor Verona


Vote April 5th, 2016

Re-elect Mike Willett for Dane County Supervisor
City and Town of Verona - District 32

Mike Willett is asking for your vote on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 to continue to be your Dane County Supervisor. Since 2004, Mike has been working for the residents of Dane County to provide services more efficiently, with less cost, for better value --he calls it "Responsible Spending!" Issues

Mike has lived in Verona for over 30 years. He started and operated a business in Verona for 28+ years and is a life-long resident of Dane County. Experienced, hard-working and dedicated. About Mike

If you are concerned about mounting county debt (wild spending on unnecessary projects that steers money away from core services) please attend Events, or to help elect Mike, Contribute and Contact Mike now!

What's happening in Dane County and how that affects Verona, and some local events in Verona.
Mike posts local events here, as well as what is happening at the County and how that affects Verona. Please "like" this page to stay informed.

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Mike Willett for Dane County Supervisor Verona

"Wisconsin's independent voice," Sunday, March 23, 2014,
endorsed Mike Willett with the following:
"best prepared to tackle the county's difficult challenges." (Mike Willett is) "...the better fit for the Verona area. He'll be more open to development he says must be carefully planned. He'll also be more careful with taxpayers' money."

"I would like to ask the citizens of Verona to re-elect Mike Willett as our Supervisor on the Dane County Board. I have known Mike for many years. He has been a hard-working local business owner and a hard-working representative for the citizens of Verona on the Dane County Board. Mike and I have not agreed on every issue but when our opinions differ we agree to respectfully disagree. Mike does not belittle, criticize or denigrate those whose opinion is different than his. What a stark contrast to his opponent. Her campaign material has been very negative and has even included a grasping-at-straws attempt to tie Mike to Governor Walker. What is telling for me is that Mike has been endorsed by every City of Verona Alderperson and every Town of Verona Supervisor. They may not agree with Mike on every issue but they know he has worked hard to serve the citizens of the Verona community. I appreciate having a County Board Supervisor that works for the local citizens and elected officials. We do not need one who will be doing the bidding of the Madison officials that have endorsed her."

Donald Beauchamp
Former Town Chair , Town of Verona

"An Independent Voice
for ALL of Verona"

Authorized and paid for by "Friends of Mike Willett," Mary Feldt, Treasurer